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At Allyada, we understand that compliance sits at the intersection of regulatory insight, user experience, and technical innovation. Our team of experts navigates this realm with precision and knowledge. By utilizing human ingenuity, advanced technology, and up-to-the-minute legal insight, we bring company websites into compliance.

We use a comprehensive and inclusive team of tech pros and disability experts (both sighted and visually impaired) to audit, identify, and improve ADA vulnerabilities on your website. (Other companies use only ineffective algorithms to do the work.) An Allyada accessibility audit is the only accessibility audit your company will need.

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Accessibility means less money in fines, more money in profits

In the world of e-commerce, meeting the needs of consumers with visual impairments isn’t just satisfying; it’s a savvy business decision. Lessening litigation risks and avoiding regulatory fines couldn’t be any easier.

Motivated by regulations, a drive for self-determination, and a growing embrace of inclusivity, consumers with disabilities are increasingly using legal tools to seek improvements in website accessibility. With thousands of ADA digital non-compliance lawsuits filed each year, brands that don’t modernize are vulnerable to fines, payouts, bad press, and missed opportunities. With the costs of fines, settlements, and legal fees increasing year over year, there’s no better time to take action than right now.

In fact, data shows that consumer law firms are actively targeting online companies with accessibility compliance lawsuits because it’s a lucrative legal practice model. The Department of Justice and global e-commerce organizations have also prioritized website accessibility as a current and continuously evolving objective. And Congress is poised to eventually pass advanced legislation regulating these requirements, increasing pressure on companies to attain compliance quickly or face lawsuits and fines.

For you, as a company engaging with users through the vast e-commerce industry, working with Allyada to audit and address accessibility issues on your website means limiting these persistent regulatory vulnerabilities and unnecessary lawsuit exposures. Choosing to take action now is a proactive step toward dramatically decreasing the likelihood of being targeted with a website accessibility lawsuit or burdened with a heavy regulatory fine.

With Allyada, achieving ADA accessibility compliance for your company has never been easier, more professional, or more comprehensive. Contact us to hear more.

Accessibility means more loyal customers, less roadblocks to sales

What do you get when you combine easy accessibility innovations with an eager but overlooked customer base? A smart business opportunity!

Building a brand and maintaining brand authority means consistently reaching the broadest target audience and understanding that your website interface isn’t just a medium for a message but a message in its own right. At Allyada, we think that embracing simple accessibility improvements sends the message that your company is on the leading edge of technology, inclusivity, user experience, customer satisfaction, and marketing prowess.

The Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University estimates that 8% of the US population is visually impaired. This means that failing to provide an accessible website means failing to directly reach nearly 10% of the US population! It seems impossible, but the fact is that this sizeable and loyal customer base, which is supported by a vast network of family, friends, and volunteers, has gone largely ignored, discounted, and untapped in the world of e-commerce.

As a society, we should be long past the point of expecting consumers, whether sighted or visually impaired, to slog through antiquated website limitations. Consumer expectations for ease of engagement are at an all-time high. The best and brightest companies thrive in technological advancement, embrace perceptive design improvements, and welcome new markets.

Companies leading the way in modern accessibility standards aren’t just checking a box of legal requirements. They are demonstrating a modern social acuity that favors broadening their reach, welcoming eager new customers, and building brand loyalty from the inside out.

At Allyada, we help you become compliant because it’s the law. But we also help you level up accessibility to grow your reach, expand your brand’s social IQ, and reap the rewards that come from welcoming a persistently loyal and enthusiastic consumer base. When you help make the world (wide web) a better place, receiving a boost in accolades, conversion rates, and sales is a well-deserved bonus! Contact us today to learn more.

Accessibility means more hits and clicks, less flat analytics

Rankings, rankings, rankings!

SEO is to your company’s website what location is to a brick-and-mortar store. It is the primary driver of traffic. It is the beginning and the end of determining who sees your brand and how often. So, building a website with a rich SEO framework is the e-commerce equivalent of understanding that “location, location, location” is everything.

But maximizing location in the online world means learning how to satisfy the somewhat elusive whims of a search engine’s algorithmic gods. This is why companies invest heavily in crafting SEO strategies aimed at improving metrics, optimizing rankings, and boosting traffic. Notably, achieving these goals frequently requires a consistent willingness for companies to implement fresh takes on industry standards and keep up with the pace of change.

At Allyada, we know that coming into accessibility compliance is one of the easiest ways to boost your company’s SEO rankings. With a strong drive toward inclusivity, search engine algorithms favor these accessibility improvements. And since most companies still fall woefully short of achieving accessibility objectives, being at the forefront of true regulatory compliance gives you a clear competitive edge.

But your website is new and modern, you say? Wonderful! Now, boost your business even more! Like a sleek brick-and-mortar storefront in a stale neighborhood, your advanced interface can still benefit from SEO ranking improvements! Even companies showcasing the latest UX strategies and stunning websites still unintentionally default to design elements that favor the sighted. Without judgment, we acknowledge that this default is the natural result of a world still learning to embrace inclusivity.

At Allyada, our team of accessibility experts knows how to leverage ADA compliance in your favor. Talk to us today about improving your digital accessibility standards and your SEO rankings in one bold move, and take the lead on owning the competitive edge.

Accessibility means more money for you, less money for them

Just as search engines and consumers value accessibility improvements, so does the tax code! A robust tax incentive is available to small businesses that invest in accessibility compliance.

Called the Disabled Access Credit, this tax incentive is available to companies with a maximum annual revenue of $1,000,000.00 or a maximum of 30 full-time employees. It covers 50% of an eligible business’ accessibility expenditures in a given tax year within the range of a $250.00 minimum to a $10,250.00 maximum. The greater your investment, up to the allowable max, the greater your tax credit.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios to see what this means in the real world:

Scenario 1

A small business made $675,000.00 in annual revenue during the previous tax year, so it qualifies for the Disabled Access Credit. This business invested $3,500.00 in ADA-compliant accessibility improvements. The first $250.00 is excluded due to the required minimum, leaving an eligible balance of $3,250.00 in covered expenditures. 50% of this amount, or $1,625.00, can be claimed as a tax credit.

Scenario 2

A small business made $2,750,000.00 in annual revenue during the previous tax year, but only employs 25 full-time employees, so it qualifies for the Disabled Access Credit. This business invested $13,500.00 in ADA-compliant accessibility improvements. The first $250.00 is excluded due to the required minimum, and the last $3,250.00 is excluded because it exceeds the maximum ($10,250). This leaves an eligible balance of $10,000.00 in covered expenditures. 50% of this amount, or $5,000.00, can be claimed as a tax credit.

Even better? This tax credit is available every year that a qualifying business spends money on accessibility compliance improvements! Instead of giving money to lawyers to fight oppressive ADA lawsuits or to public relations teams to fight reputational battles, you can invest in your company and customers instead, all while earning a generous tax credit! At Allyada, we make it easy. Talk to one of our accessibility experts today to learn more.

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