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About our incredible company.

AllyADA is a US-based, multinational tech company with a sharp mind for business, comprehensive regulatory knowledge, and a compassionate heart. We provide website auditing and improvement services to protect our clients from burdensome, unnecessary, and costly litigation and regulatory fines, boost website traffic, grow brand loyalty and goodwill, increase the flow of e-commerce, and create reinvestment opportunities.

We know that in the business of accessibility, access is what it’s all about. Giving more people greater access to your company means giving your company greater access to more people. By providing best-in-class services, we modernize the accessibility landscape for the millions of businesses and consumers who rely on a consistently rich and thriving online commerce. We understand better than anyone how to optimize a website to meet the unique needs of blind and visually impaired users and to comply with the law.

This is because at AllyADA, our business model is built from real life. From family and friends to neighbors and community members, our business is fueled by the experiences of the blind and visually impaired users that we personally know and love. Because of this, our company goals are crafted directly from our personal values. We strive to make the internet more inclusive by expanding the scope of information, goods, and services available to blind and visually impaired consumers, to highlight the importance of accessibility as a collective goal, to elevate accessibility standards for online companies, and to demonstrate how easy accessibility is to implement and achieve.

Our philosophy is simple. As a business and as a team, we believe in the ideals of equality and growth. For our clients, this means providing industry-leading auditing and remediation services that prevent legal turmoil and wasted money while supporting growth. For our community, this means shaping a more inclusive internet that dismantles outdated frameworks in favor of equal access. When technological power meets human empowerment, everyone benefits. Your business is next.

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Best of all, we don’t just help revitalize the webscape for blind and visually impaired users; we hire them, too! Comprised of sighted, blind, and visually impaired experts, our team accurately reflects the diversity of the consumers we reach, which benefits our clients through continuous confirmation that our results are demonstrable, comprehensive, and successful. Our team of accessibility experts also maintains current CPACC certification through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

At AllyADA, we’re proud of the work that we do.

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Web accessibility is our passion. Helping clients achieve superior results is our process. And increased inclusivity is the outcome. At AllyADA, you can see this in what we do for our clients and how we structure our team.

Our clients' needs are simple: lessen the risk of exorbitant payouts and unnecessary fines over something that’s within their control. Achieving this goal requires design and process improvements, and with accessibility driving these changes, the natural outcome is increased inclusivity. For every client that embraces this proactive approach to avoiding risk and growing business, the web becomes a more inclusive space.

We also harness the power of inclusivity within our team. By hiring blind and visually impaired users to assist with our leading-edge web accessibility services, we earn valuable insights into targeted process improvements from the people whose opinions matter most. By embracing inclusivity from end to end, we’ve refined our system to provide genuine, best-in-class results.

By building a team of experts with CPACC certification, we demonstrate our total commitment to your business and to a more expansive approach to online commerce. Offered by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), CPACC stands for “Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies.” This designation conveys a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of web accessibility interfacing, including disability awareness, accessible technology, legal and policy considerations, and inclusive design principles.

Working with CPACC-certified professionals and experts who know about accessibility through lived experience means you can trust us to get it right. We believe in our mission of growing inclusivity and protecting businesses, one client at a time.

Our team will lift your business into ADA compliance.

Accessibility is our wheelhouse. We designed our services to let you benefit most from what we do best.

Wholistic authenticity is our guiding principle.

We are not selling snake oil. We don’t charge for ineffective fixes or pretend that one line of code can make you ADA-compliant. We ensure comprehensive, fundamental improvements in accessibility while lowering risks and growing your reach.

We look out for your bottom line, too.

We know business because we are a business. Strong tax incentives, more reach, less risk, and targeted growth add up to big savings.